Faaborg System Ship

FAABORG VÆRFT A/S has been a supplier to the German Wasser- und Schifffahrtsverwaltung des Bundes since the early 1990s and has built more than 35 new vessels over the years. As part of this cooperation, FAABORG VÆRFT A/S has developed the modular Faaborg System Ship.

With the flexible Faaborg System Ship, the customer can combine the modules to create his own vessel. The series is based on a number of module assemblies made of steel and can be broadly divided into two categories: self-propelled vessels or non-motorised work barges.

Vessels from the FSS concept are suitable for dredging, water construction works, maintenance of river systems and the like.

The innovative module composition of the FSS concept is based on five standard modules, which are available in different versions.

Large forces are at play when, for example, heavy excavators are used on special vessels, requiring precise positioning and perfect fixation of the vessel. Specially developed automatic working hydraulic anchor piles meet the basic requirements: high performance and flexible positioning, convenient handling and environmentally friendly operation. The equipment can be adapted to the customer's special requirements.

With the specially developed hydraulic anchor piles, positioning time is significantly reduced compared to traditional fixed anchor piles.