Fishing vessels


Since 1970, FAABORG VÆRFT A/S has specialised in the production of high-quality products, especially for new buildings, in both composite, steel and aluminium for professional customers.

Since its inception in 1970, the yard has been known for the production of individual fibreglass fishing vessels for fishing and other commercial vessels. It is this expertise and many years of experience and development that our range of vessels is based on today when it comes to robustness and reliability requirements.

FAABORG VÆRFT A/S' newly developed fishing boat programme includes vessels from 10 to 35 metres in size, and all these models are based on modern vessel types, where the individual customer, in cooperation with our skilled consultants, has the opportunity to determine the layout and equipment, etc. So depending on whether the customer wants a gillnet, purse seine or trawl vessel, wheelhouse fore or aft, open or enclosed shelter deck, we can offer what the customer wants.

Motors, fasteners, electronics and other equipment are also selected in close cooperation with the customer.

Marie Emilie


Delivered August 2018