Repairs, conversions AND COMPETENCIES

500 ton floating dock

FAABORG VÆRFT A/S has its own floating dock, which handles larger vessels with a capacity of 500 tonnes, 60 m in length and 9.5 m in width.

The floating dock is equipped with power, fire pressure, water and air supply.

If special tasks require it, the floating dock can be covered so that work can be carried out independently of the weather.

Our dock is highly efficient, ensuring fast docking and undocking of all vessel types.

Large hall capacity

FAABORG VÆRFT A/S has several construction halls where new construction and repair work can be carried out regardless of the weather.

The variety of halls makes it possible to keep the different work processes separate, while working independently of the weather.

Ny smedehal - Faaborg Værft

150 tons slipway

FAABORG VÆRFT A/S has a modern covered double berthing facility where ships up to 30 metres in length and weighing up to 150 tonnes can be landed.

The slipway is covered by an insulated hall which ensures that we can carry out all kinds of work, such as surface treatment, sandblasting and all kinds of composite repairs, repairs to steel and aluminium vessels in all weather conditions all year round.

We have many years of experience in the repair and maintenance of all types of composite, aluminium and steel vessels, and can take vessels of all kinds on board at very short notice.

Conversion and reflagging of vessels

Faaborg Værft A/S has over many years built up extensive experience in the reflagging of foreign ships, which have been converted and modified in accordance with the requirements of the Danish Maritime Authority and the rules of the classification societies. The experience with regulatory approvals has been gained not least from the company's many years of newbuilding programmes in all types of commercial vessels.

In 2020, the yard carried out a major refit of the Danish EPA's ships Sif and Frigg, which involved a total refurbishment of the two catamarans purchased from foreign flags.

The modifications included the extension of the hulls and the installation of a new propulsion system.

The conversion of Sif and Frigg involved an extension of the ships' hulls, as seen here in the photos.

Dronningens chalup


FAABORG VÆRFT A/S has a wide range of skills, so we can solve many different tasks.

Design and engineering


Machine and gear service

Hydraulic service

Crane service

winch service

Pump and valve service

Marine electronics

Electrical installation

Piping and sheet metal work

Composite moulding

Painting and coating

Carpentry and joinery