Faaborg Værft A/S

is a pioneer in new-build electric ferries

I 2014 leverede værftet den første 100% elfærge bygget i Danmark, Elfærgen Sjövägen til Rederi AB Ballerina i Stockholm, hvor den siden har fået selskab af flere søsterskibe fra FAABORG VÆRFT A/S.

Passenger ferries

Faaborg Green Passenger Ferries


Over the years, FAABORG VÆRFT A/S has specialised in the development and production of sustainable electric and hybrid-powered passenger ferries in composite material for navigation in ports and inland waters.

The vessels are manufactured in high quality GRP sandwich construction and are designed with low propulsion resistance and low displacement in mind, minimising the need for propulsion power to maximise the use of battery capacity and benefit the environment.

Faaborg Green Passenger Ferries is based on standardised vessel types so that the customer is offered a basic model that can be fitted out, equipped and modified for the exact purpose.

Faaborg Green Passenger Ferries can thus be offered with diesel-electric propulsion or 100% pure electric propulsion. We have successfully built and delivered several vessels in both versions with the mentioned propulsion systems.

Today, the vessels have proven their efficiency and significantly reduced the environmental impact for our customers to the benefit of the environment.

Faaborg Green Passenger Ferries transport passengers with a lower environmental impact than conventional ferries powered by diesel engines.